The Writing On The Wall - Marilyn Howard

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Remarkable story of a woman breaking through the glass ceiling
in the male-dominated 60s and 70s.

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About the Story

An astounding true story of a young woman driven by her desire to escape chauvinism
blazes a whirlwind path full of mystical encounters and unexpected adventures. From love
to lawsuits, her business and personal life intertwine, bring her to untold heights.
Uncanny predictions from a chance encounter with a Fulbright Scholar follow her throughout life,
as if written on the wall and fated to happen. Whether skiing the powdery snow in Aspen, socializing
in mansions at the beach or raising children while running a business, each adventure brings with it
challenges and insights. Running a successful startup attracts ADWEEK Magazine of New York.
They place her first on their list of "The Dynamic Dozen." It should have been smooth sailing,
but sharks were circling. A court battle followe

Entertaining and inspirational stories are told from pivotal times in history, yet much has not changed.
The story will inspire and provide insights for young women, while older women will identify.
Men can learn about women and the spiritual will ponder on a deeper dimensio

Great Reviews

Chosen for Kirkus for "36 Great Indie Books Worth Discovering" September 2023.
"An often engaging account of an eventful life, along with thoughtful meditations on
being a female entrepreneur.
"   Kirkus Review

Review by Nicole Pyles from Amazon's VINE VOICE
“I thought this was incredibly interesting and engaging…If you are a woman looking to be inspired
and want to break through your own glass ceiling (or whatever your limits may be), this is the book for you.”

Review by Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite — Very highly recommended
"Marilyn Howard delivers a strong and timely autobiography, and it's no wonder she was able to
 fill a whole book with her stories. We're fortunate to have her share a span of decades, through
her early life, friendships, exciting stories as she traversed the globe, relationships, legal woes
and government foes, and motherhood. The latter was juggled with the dexterity of an octopus,
 while her shooting star continued to rise and illuminate the Manhattan skyline she so dearly
loves.  While reading this well-written, engrossing, and witty memoir,  I often read bits of
advice out loud to my teenage daughter who enjoyed them as much as I did.
And honestly, if you can get a teenage girl to smile you’re knocking it out of the park."

  Others say...

"Candid, insightful page-turner."

"Just what I needed. Great book!"

"Her writing style is engaging..."

"I often take a lot for granted, as a woman in her 40s..."

"It's a memoir I will want to re-read later on."

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Marilyn Howard, Author
Marilyn Howard’s determination to not wind up a housewife led to breaking through a glass
ceiling of seventy men at Grey Advertising and launching an innovative startup.
Her company, the first to central agency to connect business with freelance artists and writers,
thrived for over twenty-five years in the center of Manhattan. In1983, her business attracted
ADWEEK Magazine of New York. They placed her first on their list of "The Dynamic Dozen,"
those women under forty that they identified as most likely to succeed.
Her pioneering company, Creative Freelancers Inc., became first on the internet in 1997.
The author holds a B.F.A. from Syracuse University.

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E-book and print:    Amazon  •   •  IngramSpark 

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