The Writing On The Wall by Marilyn Howard

Plot  Summary

The Writing on the Wall, a narrative non-fiction from Marilyn Howard, chronicles the life of a
 trailblazing entrepreneur and working mom. Her determination to change the norms of the
 50s and forge a new path led to a roller-coaster ride of adventures – and some
 misadventures. There were a lot of decisions and sacrifice, but also many fun times.

After breaking through a glass ceiling at a New York advertising agency and
 traveling for a year in Aspen, Mexico and Hawaii, she returned to New York City, where she
 founded an innovative startup company.  Creative Freelancers Inc. was the first agency to
 connect business with artists and writers. Her idea thrived for over twenty-five years in
 Manhattan and became the first agency on the web in 1997. Marrying an older, extroverted
 man and five children were daring additions to her busy life. 

In 1983 Marilyn was picked by ADWEEK Magazine of New York as one of the top twelve
 women in advertising most likely to succeed. However, despite playing by the rules, Creative
 Freelancers was targeted by New York State. It was the card they could knock over for more
 taxes, before going after the big guys on a gray area of the tax code...

Looking back, she sees her life as an amazing journey that could motivate and entertain
 other women.


"Knocking it out of the park!"

"Candid, insightful page-turner."

"Just what I needed. Great book!"

"Her writing style is engaging..."

"I often take a lot for granted, as a woman in her 40s..."

"It's a memoir I will want to re-read later on."

This is a book which can be consulted for real help!


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